Thanks to the bottle with an atomizer and soluble tablets, you prepare cleaning agents. Ecological cleaning tablets are vegan, created on the basis of plant components. No irritating chemicals, unnecessary packaging polluting the planet and wasting water.

Spring cleaning a house in a natural way

Spring cleaning a house in a natural way

Spring cleaning is a time of intensive household chores. Some love them, others do not necessarily. One thing is certain – this is the perfect time to rearrange, rearrange rooms and let spring energy into the house! It's also a great time to change your habits to more ecological ones.  They will make your home a more natural place, and Bethru will make it easier for you!

Eco preparation

To be able to clean in a natural style, proper preparation is important. Start by reviewing what you already have at home.  As much as possible, limit cleaning with disposable towels  and sponges made of plastic. For washing, brushes made of natural bristles will work great. They are not only ecological, but also better removing dirt from dishes. Disposable towels or cloths, produced, among others, from polymers, will perfectly replace the sale of  a small t-shirt lying at the bottom of the wardrobe. It is also worth reviewing the supply of chemistry that we clean our house. Let's finish the residues of liquids in disposable packaging and next time use more ecological products.  Cleaning products closer to nature, such as Bethru, are just as effective against dirt, sediment or dust as those we know from the old days.

Wash windows naturally

Window cleaning is synonymous with spring cleaning. Remember that it is best not to do it in full sun or when it is very warm outside. Thanks to this, we will avoid quick drying of water and making streaks. For ecological window cleaning, Bethru glass cleaner is ideal. Bought once, the bottle will serve you for years, which will make your cleaning not only effective, but also ecological!

Ecological cleaning in the kitchen

The place where we usually look only during monthly cleaning is the hood in our kitchen. Is it possible to clean it without detergents? Of course! For greasy dirt, baking soda paste will work well. Pour warm water into a bowl, then pour baking soda in a ratio of 1:3 and  mix thoroughly.  Apply to the surface to be cleaned, wash it, and finally spray with Bethru multi surface cleaner and wipe dry.  The same paste will work well when cleaning the ventilation grille. The most important rule during kitchen (and not only) cleaning is to start cleaning from above. Thanks to this, dust or other dirt will fall lower, without settling on the previously washed places.

Look into non-obvious places

There are places in our house that we do not visit very often on a daily basis, and certainly do not clean there regularly. We are talking about lamps, skirting boards, door frames or paintings. There are also surprisingly many of them in the bathroom. Therefore, spring cleaning is a good time for us to remind ourselves of these nooks and crannies. Let's start with the washing machine. Once in a while, it is worth cleaning the detergent drawer and the filter in which impurities or larger items that we forgot to take out of our pockets before washing accumulate.  It is also worth cleaning behind and under the washing machine.  The same principle applies to furniture. This will make it possible to avoid excess dust in the house and the accumulation of dust tangles in the corners.

Take care of nature

A house in a natural style, however, is not only ecological cleaning, it is also a natural space. On the occasion of cleaning, it is worth taking care of your plants. Overdo them if they need it. A light shower will deprive them of dust and properly hydrate them. Choose plants that not only look beautiful, but also purify the air and emit a large amount of oxygen. These are, for example, the wingflower, coral palm, fern, or sansevieria, which has become increasingly popular recently.  Thanks to this, your home will become a more friendly place.

Remember yourself

Finally, probably the most important advice. Do not overwork yourself. Home is primarily household members, and they feel better when they are rested. To make it so, do not throw yourself into the vortex  of cleaning from dawn to night. You don't have to force anyone, washing and cleaning won't escape.  After a hard day at work, it is better to take a walk in the park, dirty windows can wait a while. When you start cleaning up, turn on your favorite music or audiobook or podcast. Nothing improves cleaning efficiency like  a good story!


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