Picture of Rui Bento de Carvalho, founder of brand Bethru

Bethru announces founder transition and strategic shift

Bethru has made a significant announcement about changes in its ownership structure and Management Board. At the close of 2023, Rui Bento, one of the company's founders and the visionary behind the eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products, has decided to depart. Rui, the originator and face of the Bethru project, played a crucial role in establishing the startup in Łódź alongside co-founder Thomas Hirsch.

In a heartfelt message, Rui shared the emotional journey of dedicating three years to Bethru, building a distinctive brand, and expanding the product range. Despite facing challenges, the decision to leave was made, leading to the sale of Rui's shares to the second founder, Thomas Hirsch, who is now the main shareholder of Bethru.

Thomas expressed gratitude to Rui for the incredible experience and emphasized the commitment to continue growing the brand with a future-proof product aligned with sustainable development principles. Michał Hertel, CEO of Brandlift and a minority shareholder, shared admiration for Rui's passion and vision.

As Bethru faces the challenges of 2024, including the development of the sales network, the shareholders have made the strategic decision to relocate the company's headquarters from Kleszczów to Łódź. Stay tuned for further updates on Bethru's exciting developments, marking a new chapter in its journey.

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Bethru & Izabela Jurczyk have been awarded with the prestigious A' Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition is happy to share that the work Bethru by brand concept: Rui Bento, visual design concept: Izabela Jurczyk, graphic design: Studio Design and production of photos and film: Robert Przybysz has been awarded with the prestigious A' Design Award in Packaging Design Category selected as a winner by the international jurors of the A' Design Awards & Competitions among thousands of submissions.

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