Picture of Rui Bento de Carvalho, founder of brand Bethru

Bethru announces founder transition and strategic shift

Bethru announces founder transition and strategic shift

On behalf of Bethru we would like to convey an announcement regarding changes in the ownership structure and Management Board of the Company.

At the end of 2023, one of its two founders - Rui Bento - decided to leave the Bethru Company. Rui was the originator and face of the Bethru project - ecological alternative cleaning products in the form of soluble tablets and natural personal care products in the form of solid cosmetics.

The Bethru startup was established 2.5 years ago in Łódź on the initiative of Rui Bento and Thomas Hirsch. Shortly after the establishment of the Company, the following investors joined it: Tomasz Korościk, Mateusz Chudzik and Brandlift represented by Michał Hertel.

In December 2022, Bethru won the “Mam pomysł na startup” competition organized by the City of Łódź Office. The company was also awarded in the “A' Design Award and Competition” in Italy in the packaging design category in mid-2022.

"At the end of 2023, I made the decision to leave Bethru. A difficult decision, because Bethru is a concept to which I have devoted the last three years of my life and to which, as the founder and originator, I was emotionally strongly attached." - says Rui Bento. "During this period, we managed to build a distinctive brand, launch sales through several different channels, from online to our own point of sale, and expand our offer to include personal care products. What we did not manage to achieve was Sales at the level planned in the Business Plan. For 2.5 years, I got to know the life of a startuper in all its shades and it was a beautiful adventure."

By resigning from the position of President of the Management Board and leaving the Company, Rui sells his shares to the second founder, Thomas Hirsch, who thus became the main shareholder of Bethru.

"Thank you, Rui, for these 3 years of incredible and valuable experience in building a startup. We managed to create a brand that we can be proud of" - says Thomas Hirsch, co-founder of Bethru. "I have been operating on the home care and personal care market for years and I can say that we have created a future-proof product - consistent with the contemporary philosophy of sustainable development. I strongly believe in it and declare that we will continue to grow it."

"From the very beginning, when we were invited to this project, it was an intriguing adventure in the world of startups. We decided to join the project, both because of its innovation, mission and the group of shareholders who believed in this idea" - says Michał Hertel, CEO of Brandlift, a minority shareholder of Bethru. "We were infected by Rui's passion and vision. Rui decided to leave the project after almost 3 years of intense work, and we respect his reasons and motivation. We face the challenges of 2024 and the achievement of the goals we set for this year, mainly related to the development of the sales network."

The first decision made by the shareholders is to move the company's headquarters from Kleszczów to Łódź. We will keep you updated on further plans.