How does Bethru's eco-friendly cleaning tablets work?

Bethru's eco-friendly cleaning products is all about a revolutionary concentrated formula, created on the basis of biodegradable ingredients, which will allow you to take care not only of your home and your loved ones, but also of the good of our planet. All you have to do is to dissolve the cleaning tablet in 300 ml of tap water, each time using our special bottle with an atomizer. Due to different needs and type of dirt, you can choose one of our 3 unique variants: MULTI SURFACE (universal surface cleaner), BATHROOM (for the bathroom) and GLASS (designed for glass surfaces and mirrors). Each tablet offers a 2-year shelf life. For 6 months after dissolution, the prepared liquid retains 100% of its cleaning properties. By choosing Bethru, you generate less plastic waste and reduce water transport, thus enabling CO2 reduction.  This is another small step towards home ecology and care for our planet Earth.


What is the composition of Bethru cleaning tablets?

By creating Ecological Cleaning Products Bethru, we wanted to achieve the efficiency of popular detergents of well-known brands, while maintaining the concentrated form of a 4-gram tablet and using only natural and biodegradable plant ingredients. We knew from the beginning that our products could not contain microplastics and chemicals that could endanger your loved ones, cause unwanted allergic reactions or contribute to the degradation of our planet. Go to our blog and find out what the individual ingredients of Bethru soluble cleaning tablets are responsible for  .  In specially prepared articles, we have decoded for you all the mysterious names and explained exactly how certain substances work. You have the right to know if all the ingredients of the cleaning products you use are safe for you and your loved ones!


Are Bethru effervescent cleaning tablets a natural products?

Today, 92% of the ingredients in our cleaning products are of natural origin.  However, our efforts do not end there! Our team is constantly working on improving the existing formula. Along with the development of the  Bethru brand, we also gain a new field for negotiations with suppliers. We hope that thanks to active activities within ecological technologies, but also transparency and building trust in the  brand, we will soon be able to share with you products that we will mark as "100% NATURAL" and it will be 100% true information!


Are Bethru's eco-friendly cleaning products vegan?

It would be difficult for us to accept that by protecting the inhabitants of the oceans from waste and microplastics, we could expose other living creatures to suffering. Unfortunately, the use of animals in the chemical industry is still a common practice, which we strongly oppose. We have made sure that our cleaning tablets are 100% vegan. Only products of plant origin were used for their production. They have also never been tested on animals!  The natural composition is a guarantee of safe use. Bethru products not only guard the cleanliness of your ecological home, but also protect the health of your loved ones – including, of course, pets!


What are Flow-Pack sachets made of in which there are cleaning tablets?

Flow-Pack sachets, which contain our ecological cleaning tablets, are the result of a year's cooperation with a supplier who created a Earth-friendly paper packaging for us. We wanted the first line of Bethru products to be refined to the smallest detail. As soon as we saw an opportunity for improvements related to ecology, carbon footprint reduction or sustainability, we did everything we could to take advantage of it. That is why it took so long to optimize the production process and the selection of the right raw materials necessary to create the Flow-Pack sachet! It consists of cellulose fibers, which are bleached without the use of chlorine. The paper meets the PTS-RH 021/97 standard and the UNI 11743:2019 standard, which means that it can be fully recycled in the recycling process. Importantly, companies supplying the raw material necessary for its execution can boast FSC, SFI and PEFC certificates. This is a guarantee of sustainable development and the choice of the most planet-friendly technological solutions! With a clear conscience, you can throw Flow-Pack packaging into a paper container (usually the blue 😉 one) for use as a secondary raw material!


Why are Bethru bottles made of plastic?

Choosing the right raw material from which to create a reusable bottle with an atomizer was another challenge for us, which had to fit into the "zero waste" mission. We focused on PET, a durable plastic that can be refilled many times for many months and, if necessary, reused in the recycling process.  At this stage, our bottles are not yet produced from recycled raw materials. However, we will do everything to change this in the shortest possible time. We plan to create a system in which we will collect bottles from  customers that are no longer suitable for refilling and replace them with new ones created from recycled raw materials. We are already in negotiations with our suppliers and we hope that with the development of our brand we will be able to gradually introduce changes that will contribute to even better protection of the environment against the growing amount of plastic waste.


Shouldn't Earth-friendly packaging be made of glass?

Nowadays, waste segregation is not enough. To really help our planet, we need to change the way we think about packaging. Reusable bottles and containers are the green future of responsible and sustainable development!  Why didn't we bet on glass, aluminum or other seemingly greener materials? Because their production involves the production of much larger amounts of greenhouse gases.  And since the creation of Earth-friendly packaging  was one of our main goals, the choice fell on PET.   If all the plastic bottles used around the world were made of glass, carbon dioxide emissions would increase by the sum of the greenhouse gases produced by 22 large coal-fired power plants. This corresponds to the amount of electricity consumed by a third of the UK's population!  By using Bethru cleaning tabs, you will use 35 less plastic bottles in your household during the year! And because they are much lighter than their glass counterparts, transporting them will generate a smaller carbon footprint!  Equally important, the plastic we use is much more durable than glass. With our reusable bottle that can't break, you keep all the occupants of your home safe.


Where are Bethru surface cleaners manufactured?

Bethru's eco-friendly packaging and cleaning tablets are produced in Europe. And because our headquarters are located in Poland, transport companies do not have to cover huge distances. Did you know that one truck full of bethru eco-friendly cleaning pills is the equivalent of 180 trucks carrying detergents packed in bottles?!  That is why we encourage you to buy our products in packages. The path of tablets to your home is another route that can be covered less times, while reducing your carbon footprint!


Will there be other eco-friendly cleaning products in Bethru's offer?

The three variants of surface cleaners that are available on our website along with special reusable bottles is just the beginning of the "zero waste" home revolution we dream of.  We would like one shipment from our store to allow you to forget about most of the cosmetics and cleaning and washing products that you and your loved ones use every day.  Our team is improving the formulas of subsequent products, but we must be one hundred percent sure that they will be not only ecological, but also completely safe and hypoallergenic.  Do you have special preferences for organic cosmetics and cleaning products?  Write to us and we will be happy to get acquainted with your ideas!

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