About us

Bethru means daily observations, care for loved ones and disagreement with the degradation of our environment. We wanted to create products that escape the established patterns and set the direction that should be followed by large corporations and well-known brands. After a year of preparation, we know that it was worth it. Our small team has already developed many technological and logistical solutions that at the beginning of talks with suppliers of raw materials, packaging and other services, seemed unattainable.

This is just the beginning of our journey!


We believe that with small steps we will be able to improve our products to make them even more natural, ecological and sustainable. We are convinced that small businesses can set an example for big players. Bethru is the beginning of a global revolution that will change the way we use cleaning products in our homes.

We hope you will become a part of it!



Honesty and trust are the foundation of our brand. If our products do not yet contain 100% natural ingredients, and PET bottles will only be produced from recycled plastic in the future, then we openly inform about it, while being determined to achieve the set goals.



A year ago, hardly anyone believed that we would be able to start with Flow-Pack packaging that does not contain aluminium, plastic or other synthetic materials. Hard negotiations with suppliers, however, have brought results and compromises that allow us to look with optimism at further changes and improvements.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we already know today that change is possible!



Our eco-friendly cleaning tablets are vegan, created on the basis of plant components. 92% of their composition are ingredients of natural origin. We have already started working on a new formula, constantly monitoring the market and looking for alternative solutions.

We are working hard so next year we will be able to proudly state that Bethru products offer nearly 100% natural composition!



A year of work, exploration and difficult negotiations has brought many ecological solutions related to the packaging of the first line of Bethru products. Flow-Pack sachets, in which our cleaning tablets are individually packed, are made of 100% paper, which has all the necessary certificates confirming the use of ecological raw materials.

It’s known that half of the carbon needed to produce plastic remains in the plastic itself. This means that it is not released into the atmosphere in the form of CO2.

We are working hard so next breakthrough step will be the creation of a system for the exchange of used bottles and production based on recyclable materials!


Please help us making the difference. We won’t let you down!

Bethru team

Your home is your planet