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Clean apartment in a few steps

Clean apartment in a few steps

Cleaning the apartment is an activity that is definitely not the most pleasant for most of us. Cleaning dirty surfaces and equipment is a laborious job, so it would be best if the mess disappeared as if by magic. Thorough cleaning is usually carried out "for later", and daily cleaning is limited to a superficial cleaning of space. Most often this is due to the fact that we do not always know how to properly take care of the cleaning, so that they do not take up a lot of time, and at the same time were effective. Meanwhile, cleaning does not have to be tiring! With a few simple tricks, you will restore the flash in the apartment in a quick and pleasant way.

How to clean the apartment step by step?
The first rule of effective and efficient cleaning is to do it on an ongoing basis. Try to immediately put things in the right place - place dry dishes in cabinets, and folded laundry in the closet. Do not forget about regular cleaning of dust and resulting dirt. By doing these activities every day, you will maintain good organization and maintain order in the apartment for longer. In addition, you will save time during a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, regardless of how you try to take care of the apartment every day, the time will come for a general spring or autumn cleaning, which will cover every room.

What is general house cleaning?
General cleaning of the house is not only about dealing with a superficial mess, but above all about cleaning up what is not visible at first glance. Before you proceed to cleaning of dust and washing cabinets, review their contents. Say goodbye to everything that is destroyed and unnecessary. In this way, you will get rid of objects that generate clutter, thus gaining new space for organization. Only after that, get down to cleaning the apartment for a flash!

Where to start cleaning the apartment?
The first step should be to prepare a list with activities and rooms to be cleaned. This will definitely make your work easier, help you organize the space more effectively and quickly. Working with the list, you will not forget about any of the points, thanks to which your apartment will be really clean! When starting to clean, start with a room that requires a lot of work. This is when you also have the most energy that you can use to clean the heaviest dirt. Also remember that you do not have to clean the entire apartment at once - divide the activities and set a work schedule for several days. When starting to organize the space, remember the principle "from top to bottom". Start with the places that are the highest - wipe the upper shelves and cabinets, then go to the countertops, table and drawers. Only at the end, take care of vacuuming and washing the floors. Do not forget about the dust on the frames and lamps! Thanks to this, dirt from high places will not fall on previously cleaned, lower surfaces.

How to effectively clean the apartment?
In order for cleaning the apartment and to be effective, it is best to start it with good organization – review the accessories and cleaning products you have in your home. Remember to store them in one place. This will allow you to quickly find what you need and save time for unnecessary searches. For thorough cleaning, you will certainly need a bucket or bowl, cloths, a sponge and cleaning products. When choosing preparations for cleaning, remember about the environment. Reach for planet-friendly products that do not contain toxic substances, such as Bethru products. All you have to do is dissolve the right tablet in 300 ml of water, and you will get a cleaning liquid, the natural ingredients of which make up to 93% of its ingredients.

Depending on the surface you want to wash, reach for one of the three types of tablets. Bethru's offer includes preparations that will effectively clean the kitchen, bathroom, as well as other rooms.

Cleaning does not have to be difficult, just a good plan, the help of natural preparations and... Ready!


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