Ecological tablets, Natural tablets dissolved in tap water

Ecological holidays with Bethru

Ecological holidays with Bethru

Long-distance travel, weekend trips or mountain hikes are a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our planet even more. We have prepared for you some tips that will help you better prepare for an ecological holiday and experience unforgettable moments in harmony with nature.

Own bottle or cup

Just think about how many disposable coffee bottles and cups might not end up in the trash when you equip yourself with your own containers. Small, large, folding – the choice is huge, so you will definitely find those that will perfectly complement your hand luggage. Add to that a reusable straw and cutlery and your eco-friendly traveller’s kit becomes complete!

Ecological savoir-vivre in hotels

When taking your own beautician with you on a trip, you do not have to use hotel cosmetics in small plastic packages. During breakfast, also try to avoid foods served in disposable portions (e.g. butter, honey or jams). To save water, give up changing towels every day!

Universal cleaner

A slim and light bottle of Bethru is sure to fit in your luggage, helping you take care of hygiene during trips, camping or barbecue gatherings. Why carry ready-made cleaning products with you when you can use the water available on site and dissolve a Bethru tablet in it? During trips, the best choice will be universal tablets. You can take a supply of tablets with you and if you run out of them, thanks to instant delivery you will quickly fill the gaps, regardless of whether you order them to your home, seaside resort or cottage in the mountains. 

Give up paper

Why print paper tickets, directions, and packing lists if they'll end up in the trash anyway in a few weeks? Nowadays, all this information can be displayed on the smartphone screen. In the same way, you can also avoid using paper maps and guides.

Valuable souvenirs

For the sake of sustainability and the well-being of our planet, try to choose wisely the souvenirs you buy during your trips. Instead of mass-produced toys and poor-quality trinkets, it is worth betting on handicrafts and products from local artists, farmers or craftsmen.

Holiday travels are waiting! We wish you dream weather and unforgettable experiences!



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