Thanks to the bottle with an atomizer and soluble tablets, you prepare cleaning agents. Ecological cleaning tablets are vegan, created on the basis of plant components. No irritating chemicals, unnecessary packaging polluting the planet and wasting water.

What is the carbon footprint and how can we reduce it?

What is the carbon footprint and how can we reduce it?

Garbage is becoming the bane of humanity. We produce lots of it, and its disposal is not indifferent to the environment.  In addition to the tons of waste visible in landfills and in segregation, we also emit greenhouse gases in huge quantities. You can't see them, so in a way they get out of our control and seem to be less of a problem than the garbage visible on beaches, in the oceans or in the forests. However, it is climate change caused by the gigantic emission of greenhouse gases  invisible to the eye that is currently one of the most important environmental problems.


Carbon footprint - what is it?

A dozen or so years ago, shocking information circulated around the world - a statistical Pole is responsible for the emission of over 8 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Bearing in mind that Poland is inhabited by about 38 million people, only our country [1] generates 304 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year!  This is an alarming sum...

The carbon footprint is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly by a person, organization or product.  Its calculation allows to quantify the impact of a given activity on climate change. CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are influenced by our daily choices. For example - an airplane, overcoming a distance of 1 km, emits up to 330 g of coal, while a car - a maximum of 180 g, and a train only 15  g. The environment is also extremely burdensome for industry - coal is emitted during the production of electronic equipment or... Clothes! [2]


How to reduce your carbon footprint?

The basic step to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the carbon footprint calculator.  Thanks to this, we are able to estimate how everyday activities affect its formation.  The application uses information about our lifestyle and calculates an individual carbon footprint, divided into categories. This allows us to compare how we compare to other countries and the national average and allows us to take action to reduce CO2 emissions.

What to do to reduce the carbon footprint? Start with yourself! However, keep in mind that living in a developed country, it is very difficult to reduce your personal carbon footprint...


What you can do today?


1. Think about your purchases

In order for the t-shirt ordered by internet to reach you, it has to go through several stages - both production and distribution - and each of them leaves a specific carbon footprint. Bet on high-quality products, which manufacturers declare that they are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. Reach for reusable bottles, give up detergents in disposable packaging. Bethru knows how important greenhouse gas emissions are in the ongoing warming of the climate.  The process of creating our bottles and cleaning tablets is well thought out – from production to delivery.


2. Buy multipacks and sets

If you're wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint, choose multipacks and kits. Try to buy products that are packaged in bulk and will be delivered to you in one shipment. If you buy stationary, pay attention to multipacks. One less package equals a smaller carbon footprint. By choosing Bethru cleaners, you support the reduction of CO2. With an advanced bottle that you can use repeatedly, you don't put your hand to the mass production of plastic packaging that is harmful to the planet. Our tablets are sold in ecologically (and economically!) beneficial sets - thanks to this, the courier visits you rarely, and cleaning liquids are made by dissolving the tablet in ordinary water!


3. Manage heating and air conditioning wisely

Reducing your personal carbon footprint will make a significant contribution to reducing average CO2 emissions per capita. Try not to heat the house excessively during your absence, and use air conditioning only on very hot days.


4. Consider another mode of transport

Citizens have no real impact on the carbon footprint of building and maintaining roads or urban lighting. However, they can consciously choose transport that is as harmless as possible to the environment. On warm spring days, put on a bike or scooter, and for further distances choose a train instead of a car.  The planet will thank you! When shopping online, look for brands that, like Bethru, are trying to reduce their carbon footprint when distributing their products!


5. Change your diet and shopping habits

Meat production and processing is one of the largest emitters of CO2. Try to diversify your diet by replacing meat with legumes or dairy. Also change your shopping habits. Bet on brands that work in harmony with nature. Pay special attention to detergents. By choosing Bethru you save water, reduce plastic and reduce your carbon footprint!

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