12 tablets BATHROOM


Shiny fittings, clean tiles and sanitary facilities free of soap residue. Choose a set of 12 BATHROOM cleaning tablets 92% based on ingredients of natural origin. You can easily dissolve each of them in water using our unique reusable bottle.  Enjoy a new quality of cleaning all year round! Bet on natural ingredients and say goodbye to irritating detergents once and for all. Each tablet offers a 2-year shelf life, and the prepared cleaning liquid can be used within 6 months, while maintaining 100% cleaning properties!

The package contains:

  • 12 tablets to dissolve in water -  each of them allows you to prepare 300 ml of BATHROOM cleaner


  • 12 tablets to dissolve in water -  each of them allows you to prepare 300 ml of BATHROOM cleaner

      Our formulations are carefully  developed to achieve efficient cleaning with the most possible natural and harmless ingredients, therefore they do not include heavy chemistry such ammonia, chlorine bleach, parabens nor ethanol,  they are not tested in animals and they are vegan friendly.

      We continue our development efforts to achieve even more natural formulations, in the months to come and aiming ECOCERT certification.



      Citric Acid

      Sodium Citrate

      Sodium Carbonate

      Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate

      Sulfuric Acid Mono-C12-14-Alkyl Esters Sodium Salts

      Sodium Benzoate




      UFI: FH61-C0DN-M00D-W4C8