Luffa bar cushion


Luffa sponges, also known as loofah sponges or vegetable sponges, are natural cleaning and exfoliating tools derived from the fibrous skeleton of matured luffa gourds, scientifically known as Luffa Egyptiac or Luffa cylindrica.

By using a fine loofah soap cushion, you can extend the life of your solid soaps or shampoo bars by keeping them dry and preventing them from becoming slimy or disintegrating. 

  • Fine loofah soap cushion
  • Dimensions: approximately 8 x 10 cm
  • 100% natural plant sponge
  • Stitched with 100% cotton

To effectively use a fine loofah soap cushion that keeps solid soaps or shampoos dry and enhances their usage, follow these steps:

  1. Wet the soap cushion: Before placing your solid soap or shampoo bar on the loofah soap cushion, wet it under running water for a few seconds. This will activate the cushion and prepare it for use.
  2. Place the soap or shampoo bar: Gently place your wet soap or shampoo bar onto the loofah soap cushion. Ensure it is centered and resting securely on the cushion.
  3. Allow for drainage: The fine loofah material of the soap cushion is designed to allow for proper drainage and air circulation. Place the cushion in a dry area of your bathroom or shower where it can fully dry between uses. This will prevent the soap or shampoo bar from becoming soft or mushy.
  4. Use the soap or shampoo: When you're ready to use the soap or shampoo, simply pick it up from the soap cushion. The loofah material will have helped keep the bar dry, ensuring it lasts longer and is easier to handle during use.