5 steps to a healthier environment and a better life

5 steps to a healthier environment and a better life

A healthy lifestyle is a slogan that nowadays is important in all areas of life. It is not lacking  especially in the internet, where  it is strongly promoted not only on portals, but also on social media. Therefore, it seems to be not exaggerated to say, that there is a kind of fashion for a healthy lifestyle, and every now and then new advice on the best habits for our bodies multiply very fast. However, in order to really live in harmony with nature and your body, you do not have to turn everything upside down! Learn 5 steps that will be a great start for a better change.


Step 1 – Change Your Diet

It has been known for a long time that a proper diet can ensure a long, healthy life. Pay attention to what food you choose and hydrate your body well.  Also try  to limit your meat consumption. It is its production that is deadly for the ecosystem and causes huge CO2 emissions. If possible, choose products without unnecessary, foil packaging. If you are wondering how to live a healthy life, bet on limiting processed products and junk food. You will do a good deed to both, the planet and your body. You can prepare many ready-made dishes  at home, in a much healthier and more ecological version, without ubiquitous preservatives. A healthy, balanced diet, which we plan wisely, also allows you to save... money. If you know what foods you need to prepare your meals, less food will be in the trash.


Step 2 - Reuse, or Give a Second Life

A healthy lifestyle is... living in harmony with nature and caring for the environment. Try to use items you already have at home. Don't wear a vintage jacket any longer? Turn her into a dress or vest, or give her a second life and sell! You can use food packaging to reorganize your closet or organize spices in your kitchen. Also, do not waste food. On the web you will find a lot of recipes on how to create a completely new dish from the remnants of dishes. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination!


Step 3 - Action-Segregation

Garbage is found everywhere - in the oceans, forests, deserts... Do you want to change the world? Start with yourself! Apply yourself to the segregation of garbage and try to limit its production in your home as much as possible. Think about which ones will be recyclable. Carefully read the information on the labels.  If the packaging must be separated from the label or cap and placed in another container before discarding - do it. Do you live in a single-family house and can you organize a composter in the garden? This is a great way to reduce bio garbage and additionally produce a flower conditioner.  However, make sure that the compost created in this way is actually valuable, do not throw everything into it.  Plant residues, mowed grass, coffee and tea grounds or fruit and vegetable peelings (except citrus) will work best in this case.


Step 4 - Reduce Chemicals and Plastic

The principles of a healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked with...Ecology. In every household, we use a variety of cosmetics and cleaning products, which are often  harmful to health and the environment. Most of the packaging we use is based on mass-produced (and discarded) plastic. Take care of your health and bet on natural cosmetic products, already available in every drugstore. For cleaning, choose products, which do not have irritating and toxic detergents in the composition. By buying Bethru you care about yourself and the environment. A reusable plastic Bethru bottle will work for a long time, and from a tablet dissolved in ordinary tap water, as much as 300 ml of cleaning liquid is created. At Bethru, we also pay attention to saving water and reducing your carbon footprint. Living a healthy life, you live better!


Step 5 - Be Active

Sport is health! Look for physical activity that gives you joy and a healthy lifestyle will become a reality! Remember that during movement, endorphins are secreted, i.e. the hormone of happiness. Even a dozen or so minutes of activity every day will make you more positive about life. Choose the form of movement to your preferences. If you can't afford to run and you don't like the gym, a good choice may be ... yoga or swimming. Remember that you will also burn many calories during cleaning in the garden or during cleaning at home. Movement is health and... happiness!


Better Life, Bethru!!

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