Ecological shower holder


Introducing our new accessory, a white muted shower holder that is both functional and eco-friendly. Crafted from BIO-HDPE, derived from pressed sugarcane plant remains, it ensures a sustainable choice. It securely holds our solid cosmetics, while its 100% recyclable construction aligns with environmental values. Free of harmful substances like BPA, melamine, and formaldehyde, this holder promotes proper drying and features a convenient double-sided adhesive dot for easy installation. Embrace practicality with a touch of sustainability.


  • Free of harmful substances, BPA, melamine, and formaldehyde
  • 100% recyclable
  • Size: 77 x 75 x 32 mm
  • White muted color
  • BIO-HDPE (from the remains of the pressed sugarcane plant)
  • Double-sided large adhesive dot on the back of the holder
  • Made in Germany

How to use: Attach the plastic shower holder to a suitable location in your shower. This could be a wall, tile, or any other smooth surface. Place the shampoo bar onto the plastic holder, ensuring it is secure and won't slip off. After use, allow the solid cosmetic bar to dry on the plastic holder. Make sure the holder is positioned in a way that allows excess water to drain off the shampoo bar, helping it dry more quickly and extending its lifespan.