A few simple ways to reduce plastic at home

A few simple ways to reduce plastic at home

A few simple ways to reduce plastic at home

Plastic accompanies us every day. It is from this material that the packaging of most beverages, containers for various food products and bottles with detergents are made. However, consumers seem to be increasingly paying attention to the amount of plastic in their home and are striving to reduce it. Aware of the risks, manufacturers and brands meet the expectations of customers and develop solutions that enable both water reduction and effective reduction of plastic packaging. Below are listed few simple steps to make your home more sustainable!

Why is plastic harmful?
The main complaint against plastic is that it is not biodegradable, which means that packaging made of this material takes an extremely long time to decompose. Unfortunately, the fact that it is relatively cheap means that manufacturers on a mass scale create plastic bottles and boxes, which then lie in various corners of the earth for years. In addition, some plastics can be harmful to human health in themselves or like a magnet attract various toxins and pollutants that later end up in our bodies. Plastic that ends up in the seas and oceans also negatively affects coral reefs and fish. It often becomes food for aquatic organisms, slowly poisoning them.

What to replace plastic? PLASTIC!
One million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world. It would seem that we as people are addicted to the daily presence of plastic in our lives. No wonder, this material also has many advantages! Therefore, it is worth investing in solid, reusable bottles made of thicker plastic. Thanks to this, we will eliminate the string of buying more products packed in single-use plastic packaging. This can be the first step in life's pro-ecological life revolution - through the purchase of a water bottle, and in the case of detergents- thanks to reusable packaging. When you buy a Bethru set, you get a bottle with an advanced atomizer that you can use for a long time. The only thing that needs to be replenished are tablets, which will allow you to prepare the liquid for cleaning. Reducing plastic at home has never been so easy and pleasant.

Reuse, or the second life of plastic
It is good to give a second life to plastic and reuse packaging that is already in our household. Do you have a lot of yogurtach? With a little work, you can use them as organizers for buttons, screws, paper clips or other small items. Plastic packaging for soaps, creams or shampoos should be rinsed and filled again with products available in drugstores to supplement - it will be ecological and economical. Ashower gel without packaging is always a little cheaper.

Less plastic in the kitchen
Wondering what can replace plastic? Its great alternative is glass. Glass bottles or containers are ideal for storing milk, yoghurt or cold meats.

Bearing in mind pro-ecological attitudes, it is worth paying attention to the amount of plastic during everyday shopping. It is best to go to the store with your own fruit and vegetable bag, so as not to use the plastic bags available in this department. When choosing individual products, make sure that they are not additionally packed in foil.

When shopping online, choose brands that take a conscious approach to environmental protection and decide to pack your shipment in an environmentally friendly way. If you send a lot of packages, do not wrap each item with foil. You can protect delicate products with paper - even old newspapers or unnecessary, printed cards will work great for this.

Reduce plastic in the bathroom
To reduce the amount of plastic in the case ofcosmetic products and detergents, it is worth going to a drugstore and doing a good research. Try to buy cosmetics in cubes - most are available in popular chain stores. In addition to soap or shampoo, you will also find deodorants, conditioners and lotions in this form. It is also worth changing the traditional toothbrush to the bamboo one, which will easily decompose.

Not without significance is also how we approach cleaning. Make sure that the detergents you use have the most natural composition. Be sure to pay attention to the packaging. Bethru products not only save water, but also effectively reduce plastic in your home. The bottles are reusable, and you get the cleaning product by dissolving a special tablet in water. Thanks to this, you care about the environment, home and loved ones.


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